TR001    Empty Mirror, Extricate/Misnomer, CDR, 2002 (released jointly with Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
TR002    Passing (dir: Ben Spiers, miniDV, 14 mins, 2001), VHS, 2001
TR003    Ben Spiers, Again, CDR, 2003
TR004    A.M, Small Engine Funk Tantra, CDR, 2004
TR005    Ben Spiers, Spin You, CDR, 2004
TR006    Antony Milton, Live @ the Cake Shop, August 2005, CDR, 2006
TR007    Sam Hamilton, The Borders of the Garden Paths Are Overgrown, CDR, 2006
TR008    Ben Spiers, Artwork Temporarily Removed, 3” CDR, 2006
TR009    Tim Coster & Mark Sadgrove, Untitled (35:20), CDR, 2007
TR010    Black Window, Gunwales, 3” CDR, 2008
TR011    Ben Spiers, And Then, CDR, 2008

No cat. #:
Various, BS et al: 1998–2005, CDR, 2005 (promo/sampler/semi-official compilation feat. Glory Fckn Sun, Seen Through, Empty Mirror, Ben Spiers/Bill Wood and Ben Spiers, with tracks drawn from various past and future releases)

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